Copyright Claims

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We value the intellectual property rights of our Users and others. You may not violate the copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights of any party.

Repeat infringer policy. When implementing the repeated infringer policy, if any user receives three bona fide and valid complaints about his materials within six consecutive months, his permission to use this website will be cancelled without warning.

Although our site is not subject to laws of the United States, we undertake voluntary compliance Under Title 17, Section 512(c)(2) of the United States Code of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

If you have proven evidence your copyrighted material is being infringed, in part or whole, on the Website, forward your claimed copyright infringement to our agent designated to receive your notification. Send your notifications email to [email protected]:

All irrelevant and ineffective notifications will receive no action or response thereupon. A relevant notification of infringement must have a written communication to our agent through the address, and it must include the following:

Your telephone number, address, and, if possible, your email address;

Identification of the material allegedly infringed, referenced, or linked to the content claimed to be infringing. Please provide URL or any substantial information to allow us to locate the content on the internet or Website;

Identification of the supposedly infringed copyrighted work. Please describe the work and include the location or a copy of an authorized version of the work;

A statement that the use of the affected material is unauthorized by you, your agent or the law;

Any electronic or physical signature of the copyright owner or an authorized representative; and

A statement under penalty of perjury to show that you are the owner or are authorized to represent the owner of the infringed material.

If the search result to your Website is removed under a notification of alleged claimed copyright infringement, you should provide us with written communication (counter-notification) to our agent, and it must include the following:

Your name, telephone number, address, email address, and a statement that you agree to the jurisdiction of courts in the address you provided;

A comment within the penalty of perjury that the material was removed or disabled as a result of misidentification or mistake;

A physical or electronic signature belonging to the copyright owner or an authorized representative;

A statement that you accept service of process from the supposed copyright owner or an authorized agent;

Identification of the content removed or disabled and location, which the article appeared before it was disabled or removed.